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Darrell, Kristen, Becki and I make a photo excursion to Cupids, Hibb's Cove and Cape Spear

Filed in Articles on September 6th • Dev • Live

cupidshibbs.low.09-05-10.2205.004You’d think any day with weather such as it was on this very day would be a good thing.

But it was not. We essentially spent most of the day making — sometimes rude — jokes with one another and wishing it would get cloudy, just a bit, to cut down on the harsh sunlight which was ruining all of our photography fun.

In the end, it was an alright day. We had a lot of laughs and even got some decent pics in the end.

Oh and we had a deep fried Mars bar from the chippy on the side of the road in Brigus.

I highly suggest you have one.

  • Janetlpoirier

    These were awesome….Colin….you are good!!!!!!!!!!!!

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