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Buddy Wasisname &TOF

Saturday night at the George Street Festival

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Rainbow! Straight to the bank!

Rainbow! Straight to the bank!

This will not be an entirely biased review of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. I did not grow up listening to every Buddy Wasisname album since Makin’ for the Harbour which came out not three years after my birth. I do not know all the words to Sarah, The Hillside in September or Shinny On The Ice, to name a few. I never go to any shows within a 200km radius. I did not meet Mr. Blackmore when I was a kid in Marble Mountain’s old chalet during one of their shows. I would not giggle like a little girl if I were to meet them again.

OK, Ok. I’ll admit it, they’re my heroes. All of them, not just Kevin a.k.a Buddy, but Rocky and Chaulky too. From the jigs-n-reels to comedic breaks, all brought together nicely with the timeless Newfoundland odes and songs… I’m a fan of it all.

And nothing says “Newfoundlandia” quite like a performance by Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers on George Street, opened by none other then Rex Goudie himself. If memory serves they opened with Make ‘n’ Break Hornpipe and the not oft performed Mr. McGuire Sit Down. Personally, I was absolutely thrilled to hear Mr. McGuire Sit Down as it’s my all-time favorite Buddy Wasisname song and haven’t seen it live in years. They played straight for almost an hour and a half, mixing upbeat jigs with songs that will bring a tear to the eye. As well, they did Chainsaw Earl which they wrote sometime in 1991. Almost 20 years on it still had everyone in stitches.

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