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Nikon F

From the 1960's to now

Filed in Articles on January 26th • Dev • Live

The Nikon F is not a camera I get to shoot with very often, but shooting with it is such a pure joy. It has a meter, but it doesn’t work so metering has to happen either via another camera’s meter or using the Sunny 16 rules. They work quite well. Generally I’ll put about 1 roll through it every year.

Update: I’ve since all but gotten out of film entirely. The quality and ease of local developing has fallen off dramatically in the past year or so, making it much more inconvenient to shoot film.

It’s a shame, because the Nikon F is such a joy. That shutter noise … the smooth, yet mechanical clasp of the mirror and shutter doing it’s part to make a photo, just can not be beat. No camera I’ve ever used has had such an ear pleasing release.

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