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Relic of the Seas

Filed in Hues Pictures on September 25th • Dev • Live

In The News

Well it seems as though the boats identity is finally known. A recently published article in The Telegram from Josh Pennell discusses how the town of Conception Harbour enlisted the help of the Shipwreck Society to map out the various sunken vessels in the area.

While doing that, the Shipwreck Society also discovered that the boat pictured above — which had previously been rumored to be called the “S.S Sposa” — is actually the “S.S Charcot”, part of a fleet of whaling boats belonging to the now defunct firm known as Hawke Harbour Whaling Co.

What is still unclear is the location of the SS Sposa and its sister ship the SS Soika.

From The Telegram

The Sposa was also in the whaling fleet along with the S.S Soika, but those two sank somewhere further out in Conception Harbour as they were being towed to the scrapyard.

“Nobody knows where they are,” says Burgess.

The town is hoping to use sonar in an effort to locate, document and make available to tourists seeking to dive the full fleet of wrecked whaling ships from the Hawke Harbour Whaling Company.


Original story of this photograph

We drove from St. John’s out the highway and the further away from town we were the heavier it was snowing. As we got to Avondale the visibility was almost nil but we pressed on.

We were here, so we might as well look. Having no idea this old ship was here we happened upon it by pure fluke and then the snow stopped.

With just 15 minutes of daylight left in the sky, everything was perfect for just one moment and that’s when I took this photo.

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