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Rainbows Over Torbay

Filed in Hues Pictures on February 9th • Dev • Live

In case you didn’t happen to look out the window today, it was nice all day, then it rained and then right at sunset, it was nice again.

Rain close to sunset usually equals rainbows and with that in mind I kept close watch on the hillside as I cooked supper. Just as the rice began boiling I saw the sunlight and before I knew it, the rain was bowing with colour (in fact it bowed twice!). I sprinted to somewhere suitable and fired away.

Lesson here: Always be prepared. When I’m home and no paid gigs on the immediate horizon, my cameras all have a specific place they sit, at the ready, just waiting to be used. I’d gotten burned one too many times, missing out on photos, by leaving my kit in a bag or not having film in a camera.

Always. Be. Pre. Pared. :-)

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