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Seahawks Basketball

MUN's Womens basketball team battles the Cape Breton Capes in AUS Semi-final play

Filed in Articles on March 7th • Dev • Live

This Saturday evening I took in both AUS Women’s Basketball Semi-final matches. Featured below are the hometown favorites, The Memorial Seahawks playing the Cape Breton Capers. It was a tough battle for the Seahawks, coming out early with a big lead but eventually the Capers settled down and the score evened out. With just 2 points between them in the final seconds Memorial couldn’t find the basket needed in their last possession to tie. After fouls in the final moments it was game over, the Capers won game 72-66 and eventually the AUS Championship, their third in as many seasons.

  • Nice shots. Did you just buy a ticket and go shoot, or did you have a press pass or something?

  • Canonkellie

    Love the action shots with the great facial expression !

  • Great work man! I have to say the one that was posted in the muse is my favourite… why isn’t that up here? It not only captured a great moment of determination, but the shutter speed was perfect – The image was still sharp but captured just the right amount of movement.

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