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a testimonial from Nikki and Jon

Jon and I are so impressed with the pictures - you captured all of the moments we will fondly remember, and those we were too busy to notice at the time! We had a blast reliving the wedding day through your pictures! Thanks so much for doing such an awesome job, and for making us look awesome! We are recommending you to everyone!
- Nikki and Jon

Nikki & Jonathan

Even James Bond Showed Up!

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web.lo.08-03-13.058 Here is a picture of three guys dancing. What is happening here, I don’t know but it’s interesting, to say the least. :-)

What I do know however, is that a good time was had. Possibly the most ludicrous party I’ve seen, everyone from the parents to the little ones were wild.

And then James Bond showed up and saved the bride from the villainous groomsmen who had attempted to kidnap her, tying her to a chair laced with explosives.

Thankfully James Bond err Jon Cole was there. Drinking his martini at the bar he stepped in, quickly dispatching the groomsmen, dismantling the bomb and running outside with it.


  • Jessica

    Love it! Love seeing baby’s breath as bouquets again :)

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