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Andrew & Emily

Antiquing for love in all the right places

Filed in All Weddings on August 15th • Dev • Live wasn’t my idea.

But any time someone suggests we throw (see: pretend) the groom over the cliff and into the ocean, I must admit, I’m kind of on board.

This, I should say, was well before the ceremony was to take place and Andrew, risking perhaps a rip in the pants or jacket of his bespoke suit, couldn’t of been happier to feign being tossed into the drink.

This is the kind of thing that only happens when the ladies aren’t around and everything was pretty much back on track when we finally connected.

Except for at Bowring Park…

When the boys weren’t around, the bride + her bridemaids hung off the Peter Pan statue, voguin’ and posin’ up a storm!

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