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Monarch The Bear

Filed in Frozen Frames Pictures on March 31st • Dev • Live

I got to thinking one day, why exactly are the Manchester Monarchs — farm team of the L.A. Kings — called the “Monarchs”. Surely it is not as simple as keeping things lockstep in the brand of royalty. Kings, monarchs, princes and… bears?

Well, low and behold, there’s actually more to it and it is a wonderful piece of trivia and a bit of an acknowledgment to the history of California, home to Manchester’s parent club, the Los Angeles Kings.

Back in the late 1800s to early 1900s the grizzly bear population of California was dwindling and the last living bear was in 1889 captured and put in a zoo. His name was Monarch and California apparently respected him enough to put him on their state flag.

And thus, when Manchester became the farm team of a royal hockey club based out of California, it was almost too fitting to name them the Monarchs.

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