a testimonial from Katie and Chris

Thank you so much Colin for the amazing job you did. Professional from the first sit down we had to the delivery of the finished photos. This guy will go to any length to capture the shot, regardless if its crawling into a ditch or lying on the side of a cliff, Colin went above and beyond for us. We finally understand the shouts of pure joy after seeing the signal hill pictures. Amazing! From the early pre wedding pictures to hanging around until we had our pictures with the "crew" Colin is a true professional. We cant say enough about him and we would recommend him to anyone. Cheers!
- Katie and Chris

Katie & Chris

Outstandingly, it was October outside and not 0°

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You can’t fake fear like this

When I think “wedding day” immediately my thoughts go to a groom riding a lawn mower down a hill with a plastic owl in his hands being pushed by his groomsmen.


Not really, but when the opportunity presents itself to see and take pictures of such a sight, you can’t really refuse it can you. This started when one of the boys jokingly pushed the lawnmower through the back of the frame while I snapped a few formals of our groom Chris. Then came the owl and Mike Joy got in on it all with a hoe.

Suddenly, the boys are pushing Chris down the hill — with some sense of urgency I might add. It was all a good deal of fun and so was the rest of the day.

Though I think the height of the day came around sunset, when we wound up at Signal Hill as the beautifully sunny that it was, slowly came to an end. The fog settling amongst the city behind while the sun cut fading strokes of light through the tallest of the buildings.


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