a testimonial from Leonard and Heather

We made a great decision when we choose Colin as our wedding photographer! He exceeded our expectations on every count. He is very professional, yet friendly and easy going and the bridal party loved him. He was meticulous with the details and helped us make decisions which made things so easy for us. He also helped us relax and enjoy the day. He was quick to respond to all of our queries and went above and beyond in accommodating our requests. When we received our pictures we were completely in awe with his work! He captured every fine aspect and memory of the wedding in stunning detail and colour. We, our families and friends have been enjoying them ever since and will be doing so for decades to come. Thank you Colin for doing such a fantastic job! You were a blessing on our wedding day!! Best wishes to you!!!
- Leonard and Heather

Leonard & Heather

A wonderful wedding with not one but two dresses!

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6 responses to “Leonard & Heather”

  1. Fabulous images Colin! I love the look of saris against our colourful St John’s background. :) 

  2. Scenelady says:

    The pictures are beautiful!!

  3. Lainsbury_kelly says:

    love the pictures.

  4. Jacquelinetulk says:

    Wow…amazing pics Heather! 

  5. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful wedding.

  6. Ashimbose says:

    chef nice to see u both …. its a pleasure

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