In a downtown ally of St. John's, Newfoundland a newlywed couple kisses on their wedding day.

a testimonial from Mark & Kara

I’m so glad we chose Colin to capture the special memories made on our wedding day. We were married on a typical NL summers day - with hurricane force winds and rain! This challenging weather didn’t stop Colin from getting some great shots - both indoors and out! Colin was professional, creative, focused and overall captured the fun loving spirit of our special day. With such an easy going attitude, Colin was a pleasure to have join our wedding crew.

Thanks for sharing your expertise and friendship Colin!
- Mark & Kara

No Hurricane Will Stop These Two On Their Wedding Day

We probably drank a little too much Screech that night

Filed in Weddings Days on December 27th 2017

At a Newfoundland wedding reception, after a lot of Screech rum was consumed, some people lost their pants.

Yep… #NewfieScreech

We awoke that morning to a typical September “almost hurricane wedding day” forecast. And wouldn’t ya know it, for once, the forecast was correct.

The wind was howling and the rain was sideways but it was the big day, rain or shine.

Folks, what you’re about to see is a Newfoundland wedding day which no one in attendance will ever forget.

Screech. Bums. Cod. Bologna.

Oh and a wedding ceremony, too.

We dodged the rain drops all afternoon, calling audibles left, right, and center to find calm nooks and crannies to stop and snap a picture. Thankfully Mark and Kara were two of the most easy-going carefree people I’ve yet to come across and the fact it was pouring outside didn’t phase anyone, one bit.

The day was beautiful, weather aside. We had an absolute laugh and a half, making a few decent pictures along the way. :-)

And then we made our way back to the reception…

And then the Screech made an appearance…

And then the pants came off…

2 responses to “No Hurricane Will Stop These Two On Their Wedding Day”

  1. Guest says:

    Absolutely beautiful job on the pictures.
    You captured some very beautiful and fun-filled moments.  I’m sure Mark and Kara are very happy with them.

    (AKA Sis of the groom :o)).

  2. Lyadams says:

    absolutely beautiful pictures Kara, so happy for you. Congrats!!!!

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