A bride and groom hold hands posing on the edge of the coastline just inches from the freezing atlantic ocean.

a testimonial from Kayla and Stephen

Having beautiful wedding photos was very important to us. You blew us out of the water. We couldn't have asked for a better experience or product. You've given us gifts that will last us our whole lives — risking the dramatic, but it's true!

Thank you from the bottom of our Vienna Sausage hearts!
- Kayla and Stephen

Kayla and Steve’s Epic Newfoundland Coastline Wedding Day Adventure

Filed in Articles on December 8th 2017

An interior photograph of a barber shop showing the shop name in the reflection of a mirror.

We began the day at Fogtown for close shaves all around!

Fogtown for a shave and a hike to the coastline for a few snaps. What a way to spend your wedding day in Newfoundland.

Any trip to Fogtown Barber is a good one but when you’re there to photograph four good looking lads (all in desperate need of shave ;-) )  having some laughs along with the shave, it’s even better.

After they were cleaned up and I checked in with the other half of the bridal party we set out to our locations for our first look, family pictures and of course the all important bridal party session.

As always the primary goal for this portion of the day is to capture something that stands out from the crowd. We’d spent a lot of time scouting for the perfect location and determining exactly where we wanted to go. Kayla, the bride, was determined to use a unique spot that was not ever used before, so I got to work doing just that. Eventually we settled on a spot just outside of Torbay.

It involved a short but easy hike and a little scale of a rock face, no big deal in a wedding dress.

After all was said and done, dodging boggy puddles among the shale rock coast line, we made our way back downtown and to the Yellowbelly where Kayla and Steve had their wedding ceremony (#FistPumps!) and they danced the night away with family and friends.

What an amazingly fun day with a tremendous group of people!

Congrats Kayla and Steve!

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