Newfoundland Wedding Photography

Newfoundland wedding photography can take many different forms. Whether it’s a traditional wedding to rock the whole town or a intimate event for close family and friends, let me be the one to capture those memories so they’ll last forever. My style of photography is a documentary-formal blend, meaning I’m there to archive the events of the day but also make phenomenal pictures that will wow everyone you know.

Why Book With Me

A bride and groom embrace during a Newfoundland wedding photography session.The challenge of making great Newfoundland wedding photography that’s both creative, timeless, and fun is one I look forward to every day.

Your day is a special once in a lifetime moment that should be captured professionally, creatively and without error.

With my decade of Newfoundland wedding photography experience I put everything I have into ensuring perfect photographs for my clients. For more on how that process works consider reading my article “Brainstorm Our Way To Amazing Locations and Wedding Photos.”

Where I Work: Anywhere!

Though I am located near St. John’s, I am available for wedding’s across the island of Newfoundland and Labrador, too.

I’ve shot weddings in just about every nook and cranny of this island and spend a lot of time hiking and exploring this amazing rock in the ocean. I pride myself on being familiar with even the most unheard of locations in Newfoundland.

In fact, I love to travel and will sleep in a cardboard box if that’s what makes certain that I am behind the lens on a wedding day.

As well, I am available for destination weddings in places such as Jamaica or the Dominican. Frankly, I’ll go anywhere warmer than this island for free, which isn’t hard to do. :)

Tidbits and Booking Info

Below you’ll see the most commonly requested package selections. To more specifically suit your needs these packages are 100% flexible and open to adjustment.

The retainer for wedding packages is $400 and you can subtract this from the price of your wedding.

Please contact me today to discuss your wedding day photography plans.

Wedding Photography Pricing


  • Bride Preparations
  • Ceremony incl. family formals
  • Photo Session No Time Limit
  • 8pm Reception

Picture Estimate of 300-500


  • Bride + Groom Prep
  • Ceremony incl. family formals
  • Photo Session No Time Limit
  • Late Reception At Least 1am

Picture Estimate of 800-1200

Other Package Options

Are the big 3 packages not quite what you're looking for?


Some text should go here to describe this package. 4 Hours of Photography Including:

  • The Ceremony
  • Family Picture Session
  • Bride & Groom Picture Session

Destination Wedding Info

You cover flights/accommodations and everything else is free!

  • Availability to your other guests for family pictures the entire duration of trip
  • Full Wedding Day Coverage equivalent to the All-Nighter package

NL But Not St. John's

Yes I am available for weddings outside the St. John's area. You put me up somewhere and I'll take care of the pics. Here are some common travel fee estimates:

  • Gander Area $300
  • Corner Brook Area $450
  • Port aux Basques $600
  • GNP $600+

Included with every package

Each package comes with the following features and terms

All photographs include digital enhancements to perfect and improve quality.

All of the photos you receive from your wedding day will be looked at to confirm they're "Ready To Go". This means they've been addressed to ensure that color, composition, tone, clarify, sharpness, eye blinking, facial expression, etc. are all A-Okay.

Beyond the full slate of photos being addressed, there's a finer selection of pictures which we in the business call "Selects". From your wedding day, your selects will be the big, amazing photos that stand a good chance of being printed on a wall or being Liked 100s of times on Facebook. It is these photos that I will more finely look at and creatively play with to bring out their greatness. You'll get the original photo as it should be plus any variations that look best, such as black and white, vintage feel or some combination of.

Full and irrevocable permissions to reprint and distribute all pictures for infinity. If there's a printing idea you're looking for an experienced opinion on, I'd be only too happy to help you out.

You're contractually granted permission to do anything you want with your pictures, except gain monetarily or grant permission for someone else to gain monetarily from your pictures. That is to say, you can't sell your pictures to a magazine nor can you donate, gift or offer them to an entity that will potentially gain monetarily from the usage of the photography. While it is true that you are granted Irrevocable Reprinting, Usage and Distribution Rights, I still maintain copyright over my works.

All high resolution raw images are redundantly backed up at off-site locations to insure safe keeping. This is a free service provided for those future 'uh oh' moments.

If any of my past clients are an indicator, those moments happen more frequently than anyone can imagine.

Thankfully I have multiple methods of backup in place: 1) My own on-site back up, a 30Terabyte FreeNAS server that has two layers of redundancy. This ensures that should something happen to your pictures 2) Carbonite cloud backup to ensure that any "working files" currently being modified, like your wedding pictures, are safe should my computer crash 3) Amazon Cloud Drive for off-site backup of all my photography and finally 4) All files are stored on harddrives and maintained in an off-site storage facility for quick access in case of an emergency.

Good photography starts with a good plan

At a minimum we'll have two meetings but it's not out of the question to get together a few times, especially if you've booked a long ways in advance of your wedding date. Typically though, we'll get together when you initially book, discussing broad details about your wedding day, resolve any issues with respect to timing of the ceremony, reception, etc. and talk about the photography. I want to know your likes and dislikes, any "must have" photos or specific locations we'll need to visit or if there's an atypical request we have to fit in to the day. With this in mind we'll begin to put a plan in place.

Though we may be in touch between our first and last meeting, perhaps to address any changes to the overall plan of the day (say the ceremony time had to shift an hour forward), our final meeting will be much closer to the wedding day and it'll be then that we put pen to paper and finalize our plans and discuss plan B's if the weather looks like it might cause trouble.

Unlike many photographers I'm not overly bothered to plaster my name and advertising all over your wonderful wedding pictures, if someone wants to know who photographed your wedding, they'll ask.

The only place my name may show up is in the metadata of the image, but most sites won't show the "By Line" of an image anyway. Metadata is the hidden code buried behind the scenes of every picture, containing info such as the time the picture was captured and in some case, even the GPS location.

The Price Lock-In protects you from any changes in your package pricing that occur after you book me.

If your package price increases between the time you book and your wedding day, you won't have to pay more. Further, if it goes down, you get the new lower price.

How To Book A Wedding

Booking a wedding with me is simple



Just use the handy contact form and shoot me a message. Remember to include your wedding date and any other important details about your wedding day.



We’ll schedule a meeting, via phone or in-person to discuss your wedding day in great detail, talk about the logistics and get the ball rolling.



Once you're ready to reserve my services, it's just $400 for the retainer — subtracted from the package price — and a little paperwork to complete.

Wedding Photography Portfolio

Add-Ons and Extras

Things you can add to any wedding package

Engagement Session - $150

Nothing says "We're Getting Married!" quite like including a stunning engagement photo with your invitations. Please contact me to make arrangements and discuss the shoot.

Hardcover Photo Book - $160

Positively the best way to show off your wedding day is the hardcover bound photo book. Each additional is $120.

Additional Hours - $150

Need me to pop by at the reception for a big group photo or want me to come to the rehearsal?

Fast Turn Around - $200

Standard turn around time is ten to twelve weeks after the wedding date. A quicker turn around may be requested. I offer 72 hour turn around for $200.

Newlywed Session - Starting at $150

Though we'll discuss at length every photo and idea you have, some requests are just not possible with the time constraints and pressure of a wedding day. A "next-day" Newlywed Session allows us time capture that perfect shot.

Second Photographer - $600

Adding a second photographer to your wedding package is smart way to get more photos. Per your requirements I will have a second photographer suited to what you want most.

Some Questions. Some Answers.

Still got questions? Well I've got answers. Whatchu got?

  • We're wondering what's entailed in the various parts of a wedding day?

    Bride Get Ready

    This session includes detail shots of the dress and the traditional picture of the dress hanged. We’ll also take pictures of your shoes, flowers, rings and jewellery that help tell the story of your wedding. On top of that, I’m there to capture candid photos of you and your girls getting all dolled up for the big day.

    Groom Get Ready

    Similar to our getting ready session with the bride, I see the boys to capture the details (their custom cufflinks, neat socks or ties, etc.), the touching moments with mom or those candid laughs with dad. Oh, and also all hi-jinx that’s sure to spontaneously occur before the big moment.

    The Ceremony

    It kind of speaks for itself doesn’t it. :-)

    It’s the whole reason you’re here, it’s super important and it gets a large amount of my focus, ensuring that the venue is lit properly to produce fantastic pictures of every second of this special moment.

    My ceremony coverage takes in every aspect because it’s a superb time to capture a wide variety of different photos.

    If permitted by the officiant, photography will occur throughout the entire ceremony, snapping fantastic shots of guests, bridal party and of course the bride and groom.

    The Post-Ceremony SessionFamily Formals • Bridal Party Pics • Bride & Groom Pics • Everything Else!

    After the ceremony (or before if you’re so inclined to break tradition) we have a few things to accomplish. One is family pictures, the typical formal pictures with your immediate family (parents, grandparents and siblings). Two is producing spectacular pictures of just the bride and groom but also fun and memorable pictures with your friends in the bridal party.

    We’ll spend some time discussing locations that suit you, ideas that speak to who you guys are and some fun things to do with the bridal party. We’re going to talk about what your preferences for photography style and where your priorities lie with what we have to do during the photo session.

    8pm Reception

    You've got me booked till 8pm, perfect to get all the action during the dinner, candid pictures with friends, snaps with family, the first dance, cutting of the cake and anything else we can squeeze in!

    11pm Reception

    I’m finished around 11pm but it’s always a judgement call as to when it’s safe to leave without missing something important. Along with all of the photo opportunities as mentioned in the 8pm reception, the 11pm cutoff allows you a little more leeway in getting things done, such as a Newfie Screech-In or the Flower and Garter toss.

    The 11pm Reception also opens up the possibility of stepping away from the action for a moment to create one last amazing photo at night.

    Late Reception

    Candids, candids, candids! I’m there till at least 1am and sometimes much later if the party is EPIC and there’s still fun and incredible pictures to be made. A lot of amazing and memorable pictures come from the Late Reception, after people have had a few, feeling a little loose and willing to ham it up for the lens.

  • Is there a retainer? Is it refundable? What if something horrible happens and you can't work?

    The retainer for every package is $400 and is due upon booking to reserve your wedding date. It is subtracted from the package cost.

    It is non-refundable, as this is your commitment to me to hold the date for you. Should an issue arise where you need to reschedule, even indefinitely, the $400 will remain as paid if you rebook with me down the road.

  • What happens if there's a lot of rain or worse on our wedding day?

    Any wedding requires a good plan and that is something we'll discuss in detail, for both sunny and wet weather. Combined with a positive approach and a plan which general won't be tied too much to the weather, we should be able to pull off most of what we've planned anyhow.

    If conditions are just too poor to step outside, we'll reschedule what we have to for another day the following week, free of charge. And remember: not all rain is bad rain, sometimes it can be nice! Fortunately, the weather in Newfoundland changes 5 times a day.

    Here's a few examples of some very wet wedding days:

    • Julie & Jonathan

    • Chrissie & Sheldon

    • Noleen & Scott

  • Have you ever done a wedding in the winter?

    Yes indeed I have and despite the bitter cold that turns my hands blue, they're actually a LOT of fun. Here's a few examples to peruse:

    • Mel & Matt

    • Robyn & Phil

    • Sam & Sean

  • You're in St. John's but we're getting married elsewhere, what are your local travel rates?

    All weddings on the Greater St. John's Area (CBS, Mount Pearl, Torbay, Pouch Cove, Flatrock, Portugal Cove, Topsail, Goulds) have no travel restrictions!

    For weddings outside of the Greater St. John's Metro Region BUT still on the island of Newfoundland, the rate is $0.60/km. For any wedding requiring an overnight stay, accommodations must be provided, but I'm not picky — any couch or floor will do.

    The Maths: (distance) x 2 = N - 100km = Nn x 0.60 = travel cost

    $100 - $150
    $200 - $300
    $300 - $450
    Gander/Grand Falls
    $450 - $600
    Corner Brook/Humber Valley
    $600 - $800
    Port aux Basques/St. Anthony
  • We're getting married down south, but we don't want a 'resort photographer', do you travel?

    Yes! 100% yes, where's the plane, let's go right now! :-)

    For all weddings requiring airplane travel and hotel or resort stay, the deal I always work with clients is this:

    You pay my way and it's free on your wedding day.

    Commonly resort weddings are a 7 day thing and I'm available throughout the 7 days for any other pictures you might like, be they wedding-esque photos or just family snaps/portraits of your trip down south.

  • Is there a contract or other paper work we'll have to sign?

    There definitely is and the contract protects us both and clarifies who owns what (image usage permissions), who is responsible for what, and other weird things that can come up on a wedding day (such as, what happens if you become super famous like Kim K. and E! Channel wants to document your wedding for a reality TV show). And just in case you're not one for signing contracts, rest easy, there's nothing in the contract that undermines my reputation or puts you in a position of vulnerability.

    The second element of the contract is your pricing and package lock-in, protecting you from any price increases or package changes. If your package price increases between the time you book and your wedding day, you won't have to pay more. Further, if it goes down, you get the new lower price.

What people are saying

Over the past decade's worth of wedding and commercial photography I've had many clients leave me testimonials about my services. Here's what a few had to say:

Hey! Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy the photography.

Be it through landscape, travel or wedding photography, documenting Newfoundland through my lens is a labor of love.

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