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The creativity that a commercial shoot allows me to express is something I love. More I really enjoy doing it here in Newfoundland, where we have so much color and naturally attractive sights and scenery.

My rates for commercial are flexible and will generally be tailored to each request on a job by job basis.

Please contact me for more information and a quote.

General Commercial Rates

Full day starts at $1300 • Half day $800

All commercial jobs are different so please enquire about the rates for your requirements. Includes image rights release for print/web, post-processing on select files, raw file delivery. Same day turn around available.

A set of photos depicting for a commercial aviation company the staff and crew who fly airplanes, make bookings and check your baggage.

For: PAL Provincial Airlines Inflight Services



A set of photos depicting a commercial aviation company flying into remote destinations in the winter.

For: PAL Provincial Airlines Charter Service to Remote Job Sites



A series of photography created for a money management firm depicting their work and their operation.

For: Facey Financial

For Facey Financial we had a few tasks and points of focus — though broad — to work within and develop as we went.

The client required basic situational portraits (for use in marketing profiles, business cards and their own website), exterior shots of their building (for local advertising and a potential ad campaign featuring the color and shape of the building), environmental photos that depicted real life scenarios of Facey Financial working and finally off-site photos highlighting key types of local industry that the company works with and for.

Over the course of several weeks, working on-site at the Facey Financial Building and off-site on location, we compiled our artwork and it has since been used extensively on their website and other marketing avenues.



A group of pictures from the final game as requested for by The American Hockey League, a commercial hockey league in North America.

For: The AHL – Coverage of Their Calder Cup Finals

Sometimes a good opportunity just falls in your lap, as it did when the IceCaps were playing in game 5 at home versus the Texas Stars in the AHL Calder Cup Finals, with the Stars having a chance at winning the cup.

Along with game photos, that included capturing the overtime game winning goal and on-ice celebration of, I was tasked by The AHL with ensuring and organizing the photography of many set shots, such as the MVP Trophy and Calder Cup presentations, candid photos of each player and member of the coaching staff celebrating with their turn to hoist the cup, photos of the players with any family in attendance, candid and posed photos of the players and their champagne celebration in the locker room and of course the most important photo of all, the on-ice team photo with the cup.

The latter of which appeared on the front-page of and other media publications. The photo of the overtime game winning goal — published within 5 seconds, as it happened thanks to the direct transfer set up in co-ordination with The IceCaps — appeared immediately on hundreds of media sites around the world including,, and others. The Texas Stars have also used a lot of the photos from the locker room celebration and on-ice cele in their print and marketing materials.



A set of photos depicting how a professional hockey team used their commercial photography in marketing materials and other media.

For: The St. John’s IceCaps Professional Hockey Team in The AHL

Working in unison with many members of the St. John’s IceCaps team and staff, my freelance role saw the accomplishment of multiple jobs:

1) The capture and real-time delivery of photos for immediate and zero-second distribution and use by members of the team, local and national press, The AHL and other media affiliates. For this job I built a custom method by which to select photos on camera, transfer them to a local server ready for use, wherein the previously mentioned entities could view, select and download the images for their needs. Photos could be “streamed” online, from ice to web, in just 5 seconds.

2) The second task was the on-going creation of fresh artwork for the marketing department to use. This was accomplished in multiple ways, through the use of different lens, different cameras, finding new angles and but not limited to using off-camera flashes mounted at different areas of the arena. Though the typical on-ice photography was nice, the marketing dept. needed a varied selection to choose from.

3) Finally in 2014 I developed and designed a custom website for the hosting and organization of all the photography captured by the IceCaps photo team. This site was integral to expediting the access and usage of images for media, team and anyone else requiring artwork of the IceCaps.



A set of commercial pictures for a commercial aviation company that focused on their private charter jet.

For: PAL Provincial Airlines Private Jet Charter Services



A group of pictures made for a woodworking company showing their creations and operation.

For: Distinctive Interiors

Distinctive Interiors are a local company specializing in fine wood products for home decor, offering the very latest in styles, profiles and accents.

The focus for my on-going work with them has been to capture their products in multiple ways. One was for use in a basic product selection page, web and print — thereby using a method for photography to maintain a consistent look when multiple products are grouped together. The second was to photograph products in real world actual in-use scenarios to be used in marketing materials, this meant spending many hours in homes which were finished and lived in to portray their product in an accurate, pleasing and truthful manner.

Further I was tasked with capturing on-site portraits of various members of DI’s staff for use on web, social and print media.



A group of pictures for a commercial autobody company showing their custom one off automotive work.

For: Local Autobody Performance Shop, Their Custom Toyota Celica

My first commercial job.

This is from ages ago and it shows, but it now I look at this and see the development of my style. Big color, use of light, interesting and atypical use of composition.

There’s a lot of commercial jobs that won’t make this page… there’s a lot of commercial jobs that are just that, jobs.

But this one was a little different and it was my first.

And you never forget your first.



A set of promotional photos for a skateboard video marketing materials.

For: Jus’ Watch Skateboard Video Premiere

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