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When I was still young and unable to be hurt from falling down I used to skateboard. Soon enough I began shooting video and also snapping pictures of the b’ys riding over some pretty awesome stuff. It was an absolute blast to be around such talent, all willing to sacrifice limb and life to make an amazing picture.

Skateboard photography in Newfoundland is a pretty challenging task. Our skate-season is pretty short and our weather is painfully wet. Up until around 2006ish there was no indoor park, meaning the local skaters relied upon crappy underground parking lots or unfinished basements to keep limber in the winter months.

Couple all of this with the fact that concrete in Newfoundland isn’t viable and crumbling asphalt is a common occurrence in just one year after a fresh roll, and you’ll begin to see why skating in Newfoundland is a massive challenge. More than once what should have been an easily skated spot was tarnished by crumbling pavement. This is not awesome, especially so in a very under-developed city that doesn’t have massive inner-city concrete parks and other such establishments of a normal “big” city.

Saying that, we had some amazing skaters come out of St. John’s. Guys who never quit pushing to improve.

Guys who followed their dream and desires, maybe even moving away to continue their pursuit of skateboarding.

Guys who were insanely fearless.

Guys who were just oozing natural abilities and never let any of the negatives of Newfoundland’s scene affect them in any way.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the work I did over the years, including being published a few times in national magazines.


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