One of the most epic bridal party pictures I've ever shot. This came together so quickly and in near pitch black because there's nearly no windows in this place.

Wedding Photography at an Abandoned WWII Bunker in Newfoundland

UrBex in an old miltary base and Signal HIll on Canada's 150th!

Filed in Weddings Days on August 18th 2017

A groom pretends to get a oral sex on his wedding day.

Matty had one single photo request on his wedding day and this was it. A picture of Tina checking him for ticks… yeah, ticks.

Forgive me for being selfish: getting to do wedding photography at the abandoned post-World War II radar station atop a hill on the edge of the Newfoundland’s coast along the Atlantic ocean has been a long personal quest of mine. :)

It’s no easy task to get up there. A very off-beat and adventurous location which requires a lot of time invested to visit.

Convincing people that the effort is justified isn’t always easy because extensive locations like this require time.

This is Newfoundland we’re talking about, on a wedding day time is more valuable than sunshine, commonly making such goals impossible to achieve.

Even if a bride and groom have the desire to do something challenging, Newfoundland wedding photography generally means complex photos only occur within a restrictive 3.5 hour window between ceremony and reception.

That doesn’t tend to leave much time for the adventurous to spread their wings.

Then my good friends Tina and Matty came to me with a choice to make — “you can either take photographs at our wedding or you can be a guest” — the decision for me was obvious. I knew that I’d finally found my bride and groom crazy enough to visit an abandoned radar station. A place so far off the beaten path that even the shortcut took nearly 30 minutes.

Because Tina and Matty are easy going and up for anything they were totally on board. Yes, the traditional locations are nice, but we had a chance to do something bold.

And we did just that.

Enjoy these wedding pictures, they’re some of my most favorite ever.. no bias at all, I promise. :-)

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