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Brainstorm Our Way To Amazing Locations and Wedding Photos

Filed in Articles Wedding Advice on August 30th 2017

When I sit with clients to brainstorm wedding day ideas the ultimate goal is to determine their likes and dislikes.

I want to know what you’re into, what you love, what ideas you might already have, and your favorite specific photos or locations for wedding photos.

Moreover I am genuinely interested in what you don’t like. Everyone is different and I wouldn’t want to spontaneously burn ten minutes of photo session time on an opportunity knocks type of moment, if you’re not into that type of idea.

We’ll look at my photos to suss out what you’re into and not into, where your interests lie for style and attitude when you’re in front of the lens. We’ll discuss any requests you have, such as visiting a loved one that is unable to make it to the wedding or getting to a meaningful location, such as the place you first met.

Leave It To Me, And You… We’ll Brainstorm Together

A good brainstorm session resulted in this photo of a bride and groom kissing in the reflection of a puddle for their wedding photo in Newfoundland.

A little brainstorm session can go a long way to determining your likes and dislikes for your wedding photography.

I always say that wedding photography is a two-way street. I love the couple who come to me with ideas, goals and requests.

We’ll brainstorm these ideas and requests because they can be excellent stepping stones to even better photo opportunities.

This challenge of progressing an idea or thought to fruition is one of my favorite parts of Newfoundland wedding photography. I’ll use that idea as a jumping off point and before you know it the day is set.

The one thing many couples will struggle with is the desire to have original photos in original locations. The fight between putting all of your eggs in one basket, gambling on a potentially amazing location off the beaten path and choosing safe traditional locations with guaranteed photo opportunities, is one every bride and groom to be will struggle with.

Navigate The Waters

But this is what you’re paying me for, to help navigate the unknowns of your wedding day.

I talk about why scheduling is important in my article Why You Should Trust Me On Your Wedding Day.

More than a decades worth of weddings has taught me how to successfully map out a wedding day. We’ll tick all the boxes for both adventurous and guarantee locations. All the while accounting for inclement weather and bathroom breaks. Because someone always has to go.

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