Boats Involved with “Cutlass Fury” Naval Exercises in St. John’s

Photos of US, Canadian and British Navy in St. John's

Filed in Articles Photo Essays on September 23rd 2016

“Cutlass Fury” was the 2016 joint training operation conducted off the coasts of Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John’s, Newfoundland during the month of September. The training exercise brought together 5 nations (Canada, USA, UK, Spain and France) featuring 11 ships, 3 submarines and about 25 aircraft. The Canadian contingent saw involvement from HMCS Fredericton, Athabaskan, Goose Bay, Summerside and the submarine Windsor. Also involved were the HMS Monmouth, HSC 28 and USNS Robert E. Peary, the USS Bulkeley, and the USS Gonzalez among others.

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