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    Hot Take: They're all my favorites!

  • A picture of a bride and groom holding hands in scenic downtown St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

    Stephen & Tiffany Chased Icebergs On Their Wedding Day!

    What more can you ask from a lovely Newfoundland wedding than no rain and boy oh boy did we ever cut it close. We dodged it all day, owing mostly to the fact the ceremony wasn’t until 6, we started photographs early. After a brief walk through downtown St. John’s for the classic Jellybean Row […]

  • A bride jumps into her grooms arms to kiss him with the colorful coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador stretching off in the background

    Leanna & Tom Put A Ring On It!

    When it’s hot-n-sunny here in Newfoundland it’s never a bad day. And when it’s your wedding day? Well, that’s an even better day. The heat on this day was memorable, so hot that once we got inside the Arts-n-Culture center at least one of us was more than happy to lay on the cool concrete […]

  • Inky blacks are delicately teased with backlit raindrops as bride and groom embrace under an umbrella.

    Noleen & Scott Wandered Into a Cemetary and Got Married!

    One of my favorite all time wedding pictures is the black+white rain shot that we snapped during Noleen and Scott’s wedding. Everything about it — to me — is awesome: The rain. The Light. The Top Hat. The Umbrella. Right, I said rain. And it did. It was raining pretty darn hard at this point […]

About My Wedding Photography

Colin Peddle Photography is a Newfoundland wedding photography company. I do things a little bit different and I want to tell you about what I do and why you should trust me on your special day.

Who I Am

It was in the mid-2000s when I first began to professionally photograph weddings and I instantly fell in love with the entire process. The planning, the logistics, the problem solving, and obviously the actual picture taking too.

I’ve heard people say “weddings are all the same” and to some extent, they’re kinda right: two people get married, usually on a weekend, there’s some fun, and some of us wake up with a headache the next day.

But beyond those similarities you’ll see that each wedding day differentiated by subtle variances, an experience born out of the uniqueness of each bride and groom’s tastes, style, and most importantly, love for each other.

On their wedding day, a frustrated bride and groom wait on the side of a highway near their broken down bus.

Thanks to planning, a broken down party busy was no big deal.

These small variances have the potential to be very important, even becoming opportunities that we can capitalize on, letting us make great photos. These nuances — though subtle and seemingly insignificant are where I step in and help clients to navigate the unknowns of a wedding day.


I’m honest about setting expectations for my client’s wedding day.

I’m different from others in that I won’t promise the world if it’s not truly obtainable because things may happen on your wedding day that could potentially impact what we’ve planned.

I won’t BS you. Sometimes making a change is necessary, albeit a challenge to deal with. The status quo could be the easiest route to take but it might not garner the best results. Advising people that something just isn’t going to work is not always easy, but I won’t waste your time by going down the easy road when it may not be worth it..

Planning and Preparation

Accidents happen, sometimes they’re unavoidable, but it is possible to have the right mindset. Preparing will allow us to still follow through with our plans and reach our goals for the day.

This is why you should trust me. I’ve been through it all on a wedding day. Rain, dress stains, lost rings, grumpy officiants, or the bus, yeah the party bus, gets a flat.

More than a decades worth of experience has given me the knowledge and understanding on how to solve these problems. And between the raindrops and mishaps, we’re still going to make a damn good photo together.

Passion For What I Do

I apologize if sound overly confident in my capabilities, it comes from the passion I have for making great wedding photos.

That confidence and passion is what pushes me to continuously press forward and to consistently deliver quality photographs tailored to my clients needs and desires.

I treat each wedding day with the respect and focus as though it were my own. This respect is what will let us get the job done and have a lot of fun doing it.

But don’t take my word for it, check out a few client testimonials.

Environs & Denizens – A Collection of Photographs from Downtown St. John’s

A five year look into the lives, culture and lives of downtown St. John's

In a downtown ally of St. John's, Newfoundland a newlywed couple kisses on their wedding day.

No Hurricane Will Stop These Two On Their Wedding Day

December 27, 2017

We awoke that morning to a typical September “almost hurricane wedding day” forecast. And wouldn’t ya know it, for once, the forecast was correct. The wind was howling and the rain was sideways but it was the big day, rain or shine. Folks, what you’re about to see is a Newfoundland wedding day which no […]

A bride and groom hold hands posing on the edge of the coastline just inches from the freezing atlantic ocean.

Kayla and Steve’s Epic Newfoundland Coastline Wedding Day Adventure

December 8, 2017

Fogtown for a shave and a hike to the coastline for a few snaps. What a way to spend your wedding day in Newfoundland. Any trip to Fogtown Barber is a good one but when you’re there to photograph four good looking lads (all in desperate need of shave ;-) )  having some laughs along […]

James Bond Arrives to Save Nikki and Jon’s Wedding Reception

December 1, 2017

Here is a picture of three guys dancing. What is happening here, I don’t know but it’s interesting, to say the least. :-) What I do know however, is that a good time was had. Possibly the most ludicrous party I’ve seen, everyone from the parents to the little ones were wild. And then James […]

A bride and groom share a Mary Brown's Big Mary on their wedding day.

It’s not a Newfoundland wedding without a Mary Brown’s Big Mary

November 16, 2017

Any day the sun is shining in Newfoundland is a good day. But when it’s your wedding day it’s even better. We struck one of those magical days this September when Megan and Steve tied the knot. We began our photos in CBS and Holyrood and eventually wound our way down to The Wilds in […]

A look into a photographers camera bag reveals all of the camera bag essentials required to do the job.

5 Small Camera Bag Essentials You Should Always Have

November 2, 2017

“What Should I carry in my camera bag!?” is probably one of the most common questions posed to me by newbies in the hobby. When it comes to camera bag essentials that I always take in my camera bag — the Thinktank Retrospective 20 [Buy Here] that I’ve used for nearly 10 years now — […]

A flame juggler waves his flaming sticks in front of the lens. My practice of shooting street kept me from having a slump when it mattered most.

3 Ways To Defeat Burnout as a New or Pro Photographer

October 27, 2017

Every photographer in the world has dealt with burnout at some point in their career. Photography is fun but the drive for improvement becomes challenging. Yes this challenge can be fun but over time that challenge becomes taxing on your mind, which leads to burnout. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a seasoned veteran behind the […]

A groom helps his bride up over the brush in scenic Newfoundland along the coast line.

Wedding Trek on Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail

October 24, 2017

Hiking on Newfoundland’s amazing East Coast Trail for your wedding photography is not a standard fare for the big day. Especially when you’re toting a bridal party of 15 people behind you, beers in hand — and they probably had no idea ahead of time? heh oops… I should add, convincing someone to take a […]

A screenshot of a collection of wedding photographs.

Brainstorm Our Way To Amazing Locations and Wedding Photos

August 30, 2017

When I sit with clients to brainstorm wedding day ideas the ultimate goal is to determine their likes and dislikes. I want to know what you’re into, what you love, what ideas you might already have, and your favorite specific photos or locations for wedding photos. Moreover I am genuinely interested in what you don’t […]

An entire bridal party pose for a photo in a hunting shed holding rifles, chainsaws and camo gear.

Amanda and Aubrey Took Aim and Shot Love Out of the Air On Their Wedding Day

August 24, 2017

I have many, many favorite photos over the years but I’m having a hard time thinking of one that tops the shed party picture above. There’s just so much going on. The love and level of happiness clearly evident is only overwhelmed by the utter ridiculousness these guys got up to. Amanda and Aubrey had […]

A man takes money out of the ATM while a homeless man looks on and another threatens the photographer with violence.

How to Fight for Your Rights as a Photographer and Not Get Punched

August 21, 2017

I was shooting the streets of Manchester one day when I saw a beggar sitting near an ATM. He was there just about every day but I’d never spoken to him. Being that I was new to street photography it took me a while to build up the nerve to ask to take his photo, […]

One of the most epic bridal party pictures I've ever shot. This came together so quickly and in near pitch black because there's nearly no windows in this place.

Wedding Photography at an Abandoned WWII Bunker in Newfoundland

August 18, 2017

Forgive me for being selfish: getting to do wedding photography at the abandoned post-World War II radar station atop a hill on the edge of the Newfoundland’s coast along the Atlantic ocean has been a long personal quest of mine. :) It’s no easy task to get up there. A very off-beat and adventurous location […]

On the edge of a cliff a bride and groom with their friends and family get married

Melanie and Darryl Had The Most Epic Wedding Ceremony Ever

August 15, 2017

Prepare your eyes for what might be the most beautiful wedding location you’ve ever seen. Seriously. I’m not sure you’re going to be able to comprehend just how stunning a spot Melanie and Darryl picked for their ceremony. It’s always a gamble with an outside wedding ceremony but it certainly paid off here. Speaking of […]

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Be it through landscape, travel or wedding photography, documenting Newfoundland through my lens is a labor of love.

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