One Brides Quest To See Jake Doyle Almost Lands Her In Handcuffs

Proving once and for all that if you're in a wedding dress, you can literally break the law

Filed in Articles on August 2nd 2011

Asking nicely!

Asking nicely!

We’re on the harbor front doing the wedding pictures right next to where they’re filming a car scene for ROD. Elizabeth loves Republic of Doyle (more over, she loves Dreamy Jake Doyle) and the whole time we’re on the waterfront she’s got one eye on the area where they’re about to film.

Suddenly, there’s his car.

Suddenly, there’s Elizabeth running (ie. boot’n’er) down the sidewalk in her dress calling out to Jake. I start chasing her, shooting the entire way through the police barricade — no joke – and next thing out of the car he pops, we get the snaps and he’s back in the car.

Proof that brides can get away with anything. Well done Elizabeth and kudos to Allan Hawco for being one classy guy.

(P.S. Allan Hawco is married, but not to Elizabeth.)

6 responses to “One Brides Quest To See Jake Doyle Almost Lands Her In Handcuffs”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for keeping up with me Colin! You were amazing!

  2. Awesome pictures. I’m pretty sure that was the fastest I’ve ever seen Elizabeth run!

    Also, is that Kevin Durand in the passenger seat? I’m thinking it is. I heard the main cast from Robin Hood (Russell Crowe, Allan Doyle, Scott Grimes, and Kevin Durand) were supposed to be shooting for Republic of Doyle that weekend.

  3. Nancy Beaton says:

    This is so great. And Allen, quit it with the spoilers!! ;)

  4. Jenn Petten says:

    This makes me happy! I’m Jealous Elizabeth! lol Its awesome! :)

  5. jane meadus says:

    OMG That is so funny!  At least she came back!

  6. Mariannewalli says:

    will she remember the wedding as much as these pictures?  How fun is that?

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