PAL Citation X Commercial Shoot Behind The Scenes

Flying Private With A Touch Of PAL

Filed in Articles on August 5th 2013

pal.low.07-08-13.5878.001When the good folks at Provincial Airlines came to me asking for photography of their new private charter jet—the Cessena Citation X—for an upcoming marketing brochure, I jumped at the opportunity.

Literally, almost right out of my shoes I was.

I’m a huge plane nerd. Seriously, I didn’t even need to Google the plane when they told me what I’d be working on, I knew what it looked like.

Don’t tell them this, but I’d of probably worked for free just to hang out at the airport for a few hours taking pictures.

The goal was to shoot photos that appealed to the business sector by showing off the convenience, luxury and comfort offered by PAL. And we accomplished just that.

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