a testimonial from Jessica and Michael

We had an absolutely amazing wedding day, and have absolutely amazing pictures to show from it! Colin was a complete pleasure and very professional! We are easy going people, and Colin was 100% able to work with that. Our portraits are beautiful, but some of my favorite shots are candids from our wedding ceremony - and we didn't even notice his presence. It was nice to fully enjoy our marriage ceremony without feeling like we were on camera the whole time, yet we have the most beautiful pictures from it, and no detail was missed! We love that Colin stayed for our whole wedding and was able to capture some of the phone that happened that night! 100000% recommend! Thanks again Colin!
- Jessica and Michael

Jessica & Michael

Filed in Testimonial Weddings Days on December 22nd 2012

web.lo.09-30-12.077This was positively one of the more enjoyable weddings I’ve had. We were out near Bay Roberts and Bareneed for most of it, which of course yielded some excellent photos, such as the one above.

In case your head can’t make sense of it, it’s a simple reflection of the boats docked at the Port Authority near Port de Grave. The interesting thing about it is the colors combined with the gentle waves in the port that day give it almost a pastel or painting feel. It was difficult to fight the urge to flip and re-orient it such that it would be right side up, believe me. In the end, I liked it as it was, pretty much straight out of the camera with no adjustments applied.

With that said, I just want to highlight this picture right here. I laughed a lot, still months later, I’m chuckling at this.

Immediately it became one of my personal favorites from all of 2012. The boys just look a little too good in those wigs.

This wedding produced quite a few memorable photos for the bride and groom — and myself  :-D — and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy them as well.

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