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Colin is a great guy and an excellent photographer. His professionalism and confidence put us at ease from our very first meeting. He was able to pull off all of our requests and he had lots of good ideas too. With Colin we didn’t have to worry if the weather would cooperate on our wedding day because he’s a quick-thinker and had plenty of back-up plans ready to go. His years of experience helped ensure the day went seamlessly. We couldn’t be happier with our photos and would definitely recommend Colin to anyone!
- Stephen & Tiffany

Stephen & Tiffany Chased Icebergs On Their Wedding Day!

Blueish Icebergs and a Yellowbelly, a Newfoundland Wedding If There Ever Was One

Filed in Weddings Days on July 4th 2017

What more can you ask from a lovely Newfoundland wedding than no rain and boy oh boy did we ever cut it close. We dodged it all day, owing mostly to the fact the ceremony wasn’t until 6, we started photographs early.

After a brief walk through downtown St. John’s for the classic Jellybean Row wedding photograph to soak up some of that — that always looks stunning on any wall, I might add — we headed for Quidi Vidi and captured some of that “Newfoundlandia” that Quidi Vidi does so well.

After that, in a search for an iceberg, we journeyed to an area out near Middle Cove that I’d been saving for the right type of day and this was it. There was indeed an iceberg, albeit a smallish one but it glowed on the horizon perfectly accenting the wedding pictures.

As we finished up near Middle Cove we changed plans and ducked to an area that would probably be less windy and it was absolutely perfect.

Literally as we snapped our final pictures the temperatures turned instantly bitter and suddenly: rain! Yep.

The heaven’s held off juuuust long enough. :)

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