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About Colin Peddle Photography

Colin Peddle Photography is a Newfoundland wedding photography company that does things a little bit different. I want to tell you about what I do, why I’m different, and why you should trust me on your special day.

It was in the mid-2000s when I first began to professionally photograph weddings and I instantly fell in love with the entire process: the planning, the logistics of the day, the problem solving, and obviously, the actual picture taking too. I've heard people say “weddings are all the same” and to some extent, they’re kinda right: two people get married, usually on a weekend, there’s some fun, and some of us wakeup with a headache the nest day.

But beyond those similarities every wedding is unique on a level that can be so subtle few may notice it.

Sh*t happens and it’s nearly impossible that it won’t but it is possible to prepare

These small variances have the potential to be very important, even becoming opportunities that we can capitalize on, letting us make great photos. These nuances — though subtle and seemingly insignificant — are where I, as a photographer step in and help clients to navigate the unknowns of a wedding day.

I’m honest about setting expectations for my client’s wedding day, I’m different from others in that I won’t promise the world if it’s not truly obtainable. Things may happen on your wedding day that could potentially impact what we’ve planned.

Rain, a friend spills beer on you, the rings are misplaced, the decorator makes a mistake, the priest gets lost, the bus breaks down…

Sh*t happens and it's nearly impossible that it won’t, but it is possible to have the right mindset. Preparing will allow us to still follow through with our plans and reach our goals for the day.

This is why you should trust me: I’ve been there, been through it all before and understand how to work around problems, solve logistical issues and — between the raindrops and mishaps — still make a damn good photo.

I might sound overly confident in my capabilities but that’s because I truly love what I do and that passion pushes me to constantly make great photos.

But don’t take my word for it, check out a few testimonials from recent clients.

From The Vault

Going Out With Grace

A week inside the Grace General Hospital just before it was torn down piece by piece in 2007

End of Summer Hillside Photos of St. John’s

End of Summer Hillside Photos of St. John’s

While taking some pictures of the various naval boats in port over the weekend, I took the opportunity to snap a few pics of St. John’s from a few different viewpoints. Using the telephoto lens let me get tight to the city architecture and skyline, from an angle probably not seen too often. Enjoy!

Karen & Michael

Newfoundland wedding pictures with Karen & Michael

Another amazing Newfoundland wedding taking in slices of downtown St. John’s and the coast out near Cape Spear, which if I do say so is such a wonderful location for wedding photos in Newfoundland, sunny or not. :)

USMC Osprey

USMC Osprey

Recently I jumped at the chance to photograph a few USMC Osprey up close and personal. They fly in and out of St. John’s quite often, on their way to God knows where to do God knows what to God knows who, and it’s always a treat to see them coming and going.

Boats Involved with “Cutlass Fury” Naval Exercises in St. John’s

Boats Involved with “Cutlass Fury” Naval Exercises in St. John’s

“Cutlass Fury” was the 2016 joint training operation conducted off the coasts of Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John’s, Newfoundland during the month of September. The training exercise brought together 5 nations (Canada, USA, UK, Spain and France) featuring 11 ships, 3 submarines and about 25 aircraft. The Canadian contingent saw involvement from HMCS Fredericton, […]

Pictures of the Mazda Miata in TargaNL 2016

Pictures of the Mazda Miata in TargaNL 2016

During the prologue of the 2016 Newfoundland Targa (an annual closed course auto race held annually) two of my good friends, Corey Prosser and Mike Mercer were entered for the second year running. I managed to get out while they were racing the Flatrock and Bauline stages, just the start of the week, and capture […]

Windsurfing in CBS

Filed in Hues Pictures Projects on October 7th

blue cape code CBS cliff side photos ocean photographs of topsail beach topsail beach windsurfing in newfoundland

I was shooting a wedding and we made our way to the bluff above Topsail Beach. Way, way down below there was someone windsurfing on this rather windy but otherwise warm and sunny day. It was neat to see such a sight from so high up. The stretch of shore that leads off into the […]

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