Posted on May 12th 2015

Well spring has sprung and that means it’s time for something we’d been waiting for since winter began, photo adventures! This trip we decided to head along route 60 that takes you along the coast of Conception Harbor, with stops in Holyrood, Chapel’s Cove and Brigus — but by the time we got there it […]

It was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and myself and JT were out exploring and scouting the old Red Cliff Radar Station that sits atop a hill near the edge of St. John’s. The idea for this post came to me after JT took my photo in a spot that […]

The other day I was speaking with a friend and he was lamenting about having to deal with 2 minutes of aimless introduction at the start every review. “There’s always something” he said. He now skips the beginning just to get the beans of the review and the conclusive notes.

Before Stavanger Drive became StabAnger Drive there was, in my mind, only one reason to go there: Future Shop. Previously if you wanted to visit a gigantic electronics retail store such as this you would have to visit a mainland (or Canada if Air Canada would have their way) city such as Toronto or Montreal. […]

A lovely spring afternoon is no better spent than with a bud on the East Coast Trail. It’s been two years or more since JT and myself were able to hook up for a hike, albeit a short one and on familiar trails but we looked forward to it none the less. It’s been about […]

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Torbay Berg

Scotia Bank Reno

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Horse and a Winter Stream

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