Posted on Apr 12th 2015

Before Stavanger Drive became StabAnger Drive there was, in my mind, only one reason to go there: Future Shop. Previously if you wanted to visit a gigantic electronics retail store such as this you would have to visit a mainland (or Canada if Air Canada would have their way) city such as Toronto or Montreal. […]

A lovely spring afternoon is no better spent than with a bud on the East Coast Trail. It’s been two years or more since JT and myself were able to hook up for a hike, albeit a short one and on familiar trails but we looked forward to it none the less. It’s been about […]

I was recently doing a review of my 2014 photography, finding a few gems I’d forgotten about and decided I better get on the ball with my 2014 Street Photo Fav Five post, so here it is. Enjoy. Sidewalk Sittin’ A warmish spring day downtown St. John’s had the lads chilling in the rays out […]

When the X100 was first released by Fujifilm the camera world popped with excitement. It was revolutionary in the eyes of many photographers. When the X100S dropped, we lauded Fujifilm shouting “Yes! They fixed so much!”. But do we even care about the X100T?

It’s the final day of 2014 and that means only one thing: it’s time for all the “top 10 blahs of 2014″ lists that you can handle. Oddly I’ve never actually done this on my site. Every year I’ve reviewed my work to ensure I’m still improving, noting my mistakes or ways to simply get […]

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